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We Did Some Math

Based on our completed LEED projects our sustainability team has saved (using the EPA greenhouse gas equivalents). See our amazing results below!

Greenhouse gasses equivalent to:

  • 4,421 average passenger vehicles
  • 50,271,301 miles driven in a year by those vehicles

CO2 emissions equivalent to:

  • 2,376,278 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 22,684,0000 lbs of coal burned
  • 276 tanker trucks worth of gasoline
  • 1,928 average homes energy use
  • 2,906 homes electricity use in one year
  • 5.47 wind turbines installed
  • 8,519 railcars worth of burned coal
  • 55,1835 incandescent lamps switched to CFLs
  • 48,984 barrels of oil

Carbon sequestered equivalent to:

  • 541,802 tree seedlings grown for ten years
  • 17,244 acres of U.S.

Bike to Work Day 2015

Happy Bike to Work Day 2015! This year Group14 had over 230 riders through our stop out in front of our LEED Platinum office building (thanks to our neighborhood partners Zip Car, Bicycle Cafe, and Flying Baron Coffee Roasters). We also had 21 employees use their pedal power to make it in to work today.

Group14 is a GBCI LEED Proven Provider

Green Building Certification Institute Status Acknowledges Group14’s Role as High-Quality LEED Project Administrator Denver, CO — September 21, 2015 — Today Group14 announced that the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) has designated Group14 as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the BD+C rating system family. This designation was developed to streamline the LEED project review process for experienced organizations that demonstrate consistent excellence in administering LEED projects.    “Quality is at the core of the LEED certification process, and Group14 has exhibited expertise in helping to bring healthy, high-performing buildings to the market,” said Doug Gatlin, vice president of program delivery, USGBC and GBCI. “The LEED Proven Provider model represents a great partnership between Group14 and GBCI, because it allows GBCI to maintain a rigorous certification program and gives Group14 the opportunity to deliver LEED projects to its clients faster.” “We are excited to be recognized as one of the first Proven Provider organizations in Colorado. It is a testament to the quality of work and expertise provided by Group14 and we are eager to provide the service it affords to our clients.” Laura Charlier, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainability Team Leader and Owner. LEED Proven Provider is designed to encourage and reward high-quality LEED project submissions to minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. It represents an opportunity for Group14 and LEED reviewers to work together to enhance the LEED certification experience, simultaneously allowing Group14 to further invest in quality control and continuous improvement and allowing LEED reviewers more opportunities for direct engagement with and support for project teams. Recently certified LEED projects from Group14 include:

  • Denver Housing Authority Mariposa Campus Phase IV, Denver, CO – LEED Platinum
  • Mile High United Way, Denver, CO – LEED Gold
  • Mead Town Hall and Fire Station, Mead, CO – LEED Gold

Organizations that demonstrate and maintain high-quality project submissions through LEED Proven Provider receive significant benefits, such as greater access to a LEED reviewer and recognition from USGBC for their sustained track record of high-quality project submissions. Group14 Engineering is an energy efficiency and sustainability consultant committed to personal, societal, and ecological prosperity. Our mission is to inspire better buildings where people thrive.

Group14 Announces New Principals


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Group14 Engineering located in Denver, Colorado continues to grow,  innovate, and lead in energy,  sustainability, commissioning, and existing buildings in all markets.

ReNew Our Schools – Group14’s Green Apple Day of Service

Group14 Engineering is volunteering as a mentor to the ReNew Our Schools program created by the Center for ReSource Conservation. The program engages students with energy conservation practices through a month long competition with other schools within their district. Group14 was assigned Eiber Elementary of JeffCo School District. We are hosting a kickoff event on October 14th at the school to introduce students to the competition and educate them on how they can save energy both in their school and at home. The program empowers students to become leaders in their school and their communities by forming an environmental club, collecting energy pledges, participating in an art poster competition, and changing behaviors to save energy.

Energy savings will be measured by eGauges installed in the building allowing each school to monitor their real time energy use. Points earned through several categories will be totaled to determine the winner between Eiber and five other Elementary schools. The top performing school within each cohort will win up to $25,000 for energy efficiency upgrades for their building. Group14 decided to participate in this event again this year in an annual effort to help schools as part of Green Apple Day of Service through the United States Green Building Council. This year our ‘day of service’ will span a month as we help Eiber realize their energy efficiency goals while inspiring future generations to conserve.

State of the Art Addition – MSU Aerospace

We are so excited to be commissioning this innovative building and working with Anderson Mason Dale Architects and the rest of the amazing design team! This new $70 million academic facility will feature 142,000 square feet dedicated to training workers skilled in advanced aerospace design, manufacturing, and assembly. It was definitely competitive, but the Group14 Engineering team’s experience is the perfect for this state-of-the-art facility.

RiNo Renaissance: Adaptive Reuse in Denver’s next hot zip code

Our own Celeste Cizik, Existing Building Team Leader, is moderating the upcoming USGBC event featuring adaptive reuse in the increasingly hot RiNo district. The neighborhood has quickly become a hot spot of revitalization and development. Sign up for the forum August 11th featuring panelists: Kyle Zeppelin, Zeppelin Places Kevin McClintock, Westfield Tracye Herrington, GreenSpot Real Estate Mix, mingle, learn, eat – 7:30 AM MDT to 9:30 AM at Taxi. Don’t hear about it the next day – register now.

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