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The Lake Arbor West Woods and Delta Sector Community Stations are three separate, 9,500 SF, police substations. Each substation is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and includes a front lobby, community room, secured service desk, briefing rooms, offices, locker rooms, fitness room, personal use rooms, and break area. 

Group14 provided sustainability services, energy consulting /analysis, fundamental & enhanced commissioning, and measurement & verification services for all three stations.  

Systems commissioned included Mechanical HVAC&R, Plumbing Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Sub-Metering, Lighting, and Daylighting Controls.


West Woods Community Station was able to divert over 85% of construction waste and demolition debris from landfills, while the Lake Arbor Community Station exceeded local zoning requirements of green space by more than 86%.

By installing high efficiency plumbing fixtures, the stations achieved an indoor water savings of over 35% annually.  Further operational reductions were realized at all stations, with West Woods achieving an energy cost savings of 39%, Lake Arbor a savings of 34%, and Delta Sector a savings of 55%. Each project also received LEED Gold certification.



  • LEED Consulting
  • LEED Documentation
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Analysis
  • Fundamental Commissioning (Cx)
  • Enhanced Commissioning (Cx)
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)


  • City – Arvada, CO
  • Project Size – approx. 9,500 SF each
  • LEED Gold

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