1325 East 16th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

The L’Avenir project, designed by Davis Davis Architects and completed in 2020, includes four 2,500-SF, net-zero townhomes in downtown Fort Collins. Each of the three-story townhomes is 100% powered with solar panels and ground-source heat pumps. The townhomes also feature optimized insulation and energy recovery ventilation. Targeting a goal of Zero Energy Certification through the International Living Future Institute, the townhomes must demonstrate that they operate as claimed with 100% of net annual energy consumption met through on-site renewables.

Group14 provided energy consulting and modeling services to help guide the design for Zero Energy. This included window thermal performance, insulation levels, and EnergyStar appliance selection.


In addition to energy modeling, Group14 also coordinated with Energy Logic on the HERS energy analysis to make sure the design achieved net-zero energy. The HERS Index Score is -3 for the end units and -7 for the middle units, demonstrating that the project is predicted to meet the goal of net-zero energy. This also sets the project up to earn all of the energy points under LEED for Homes Low-Rise Certification.

Photo Credit: Davis Davis Architects



  • Energy Modeling


  • City – Fort Collins, CO
  • Project Size – 10,000 SF
  • LEED Gold

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