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In 2016, the Topeka Housing Authority (THA) hired Group14 to perform a comprehensive energy audit and develop a self-managed Energy Performance Contract (EPC). In addition to securing HUD approval, Group14 helped THA procure a local general contractor to execute the project.

The scope of the Energy Performance Contract touched 770 public housing units across nine sites. To ensure the construction was installed per specifications and that THA secured maximum savings, Group14 was also hired as the project commissioning agent and measurement and verification (M&V) provider.


With the help of Group14, the Topeka Housing Authority (THA) met its 2019 cost savings goals for energy and water use reduction– resulting in a total verified saving of $303,000 which exceeded their cost savings goal of $245,000 by 24%.

The EPC is also projected to save the housing authority over $4.7 million in utility costs over the next 15 years.

“Group14 was integral in boosting the long-term financial sustainability of our housing portfolio by increasing efficiency and reducing utility costs,” said Topeka Housing Authority CEO Trey George.



  • Self-Managed Energy Performance Contract (EPC)
  • EPC Measurement and Verification (M&V)
  • Energy Audits
  • Utility Allowance Schedule
  • Commissioning (Cx)


  • City – Topeka, KS
  • Project Size – Over one million SF (770 Units)

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