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Group14 has worked on over 200 affordable housing projects across the county.

We have a dedicated affordable housing business unit with nine staff members, including professional engineers (PE), commissioning agents (CxA), certified M&V professionals (CMVP), and certified energy managers (CEM). We provide Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) consulting, M&V services, electrification consulting and residential/ multifamily energy audits. Group14 also provides energy design assistance, envelope leakage testing, utility allowance development, resident engagement and Capital Needs Assessments. Our sustainability services include HERS, National Green Building Standard, Enterprise Green Community (EGC), Energy Star, and Zero Energy Ready Homes.

Group14 has broad experience working with all types of subsidized housing. This translates into how our services apply to Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, public housing, and Section 18 vouchers.

HUD Energy Performance Contracts

Group14 is a national leader in self-managed HUD Energy Performance Contracts, having secured more financing than any other project development firm. We have assisted with the development of over $60 million in HUD EPCs. Our team has worked with the HUD Energy Office to secure approval for public housing energy performance contracts across the county. Our EPC clients include Denver Housing Authority, York Housing Authority, Topeka Housing Authority, Albuquerque Housing Authority, the Wilmington Housing Authority, Trenton Housing Authority, Brockton Housing Authority, and San Antonio Housing Authority.

Our team also assists ESCos and housing authorities with traditional EPCs. This includes providing investment grade energy audits, HUD approval technical assistance, commissioning, and measurement and verification services.

Low Income Housing Tax Credits

Over the last five years, Group14 has worked on over 100 CHFA-funded, LIHTC deals. Key value adds include improving financial pro-formas by reducing utility allowances, a 100% compliance rate with regulatory and code requirements, community engagement expertise, and insight into construction budget value engineering options.

Our experienced professionals guide developers and designers on the most effective green features for reducing overall energy use. Our expertise with third-party green certification programs, includes EGC, Zero Energy Ready Homes, NGBS, and Energy Star for Homes.

RAD & Capital Need Assessments (CNAs)

Group14 has helped several public housing authorities navigate the transition from public housing to project based vouchers. Our services help clients maximize Housing Assistance Payment revenue through fair market rent analysis and portfolio-wide RAD activities. Additional services include Capital Need Assessments, utility allowance studies, energy audits, and technical assistance for all HUD applications.

M&V, Utility Allowance Development, Energy Audits, Resident Engagement, Green O&M Training, And Resilient Design Expertise:

  • We provide annual portfolio utility data, M&V and commissioning services to 14 Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) around the country. Our regular work with PHAs translates to annual services that touch over 22,000 public housing units.  
  • Our team has helped 27 housing authorities secure utility incentives. Our utility allowance schedules have been reviewed and accepted by HUD field offices across the country.
  • Our experts have performed ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3 audits on over 20,000 units of affordable housing.
  • Group14 has provided energy consulting and energy modeling for over 50 affordable housing and market rate multifamily buildings in the past five years. Leveraging whole building annual energy modeling, Group14 provides rapid, in-depth energy analysis to optimize envelope, lighting, equipment, HVAC, and renewable systems.
  • We have industry recognized expertise in designing and implementing building management programs. These programs optimize occupants’ comfort, wellbeing, access to amenities, and behaviors.
  • Group14 has helped PHA’s and affordable housing developers develop resilience strategies. This includes reviewing a facility’s climate & emergency hazards and identifying how to future‐proof ta building.

Weatherization Assistance

For the last 10 years, Group14 has provided services for DOE multifamily weatherization funded retrofits in Colorado. In partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado, Group14 has provided comprehensive technical assistance for deep energy retrofits of over 5,000 affordable housing units through DOE weatherization programs. 

Group14 has a team of highly skilled building system engineers with significant experience in the affordable housing space, and a unique ability to communicate with individuals of all backgrounds and trades, including MWHS staff and clients. We highly recommend them to any housing authority.

Ryan McCaw, Sustainability and Grant Programs Manager, Metro West Housing

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