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Group14 has worked with multiple school districts to update, optimize, and reimagine new and existing school facilities.

Sustainability consulting and certification, energy code and performance analysis, commissioning and retro-commissioning are just a few of the ways we contribute to the K-12 sector. 

Group14 has experts in materials, daylight modeling & lighting systems, air quality, life-cycle analysis and monitoring.  Our core services coupled with this expertise reduces operational expenses, provides a healthier school environment, and offers teachers and students salient lessons on building science to protect the environment.

Group14 has provided consulting, administration and documentation for multiple K-12 rating systems including LEED, Green Globes and Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS).  Our school commissioning experience is also unparalleled in Colorado — having commissioned over 40 K-12 schools in the past five years. 

Group14 is an engaged and responsive part of our team. They have provided valuable services on each of our projects that have helped identify equipment and operational deficiencies.  In turn, these deficiencies have been addressed and have resulted in greater building energy efficiency and a more comfortable learning environment.

Jim Faes, Former Director of Sustainability, Denver Public Schools

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