We help building owners protect and grow their investments by ensuring that all building systems are installed and operating properly.

 Building commissioning plays a crucial role in the decarbonization of buildings by optimizing system performance, identification and resolution of design/construction issues, and continuous monitoring of building operations.

MEP & Special Systems Commissioning
MEP & Special Systems Commissioning

MEP & Special Systems Commissioning

Group14 has commissioned over 600 projects across industries. Our team has expertise in Mechanical, Plumbing, Power Distribution, Building Enclosures, Building Automation, Lighting, Life-Safety, and Low-Voltage Systems.

  • Our team provides Fundamental Commissioning, which focuses on installation and verification of the mechanical and electrical systems during construction.
  • Enhanced Commissioning includes all the components of Fundamental Commissioning with added participation during the design and post-construction phases.
  • We utilize a full suite of cloud-based commissioning tools, providing real-time transparency.
Monitoring-Based Commissioning (SkySpark)
Monitoring-Based Commissioning (SkySpark)

Monitoring-Based Commissioning (SkySpark)

Group14 was one of the first adopters of Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) in the country. We remain ahead of the curve when it comes to its latest uses and innovations. MBCx enhances the commissioning process by providing remote real-time monitoring from equipment startup through warranty. Monitoring-Based Commissioning provides credit toward LEED v4.

  • We use the industry-leading SkySpark software which draws on monitored data available from the building automation system (BAS), energy meter(s), and weather stations to analyze equipment operation during commissioning and beyond.
  • We have implemented SkySpark for 24,000,000+ square footage.
  • Our MBCx services are deployed throughout the life cycle of a building- from new construction to ongoing monitoring. This includes 24/7 access to our cloud hosted server to keep equipment operation optimal year after year.
  • SkySpark allows us to evaluate 100% of equipment over multiple seasons, finding issues, and achieving optimal operation.


Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a deep investigation of equipment operation with a specific focus on optimizing buildings controls. Testing and data analysis help identify operational issues and detect opportunities to optimize control sequences. 

  • RCx identifies low-cost opportunities with energy savings of 8-15% in annual costs.
  • Retro-commissioning improves occupant comfort and indoor air quality by correcting equipment operation.
  • Our sophisticated RCx process includes a combination of site testing and detailed data analysis using SkySpark software with our Re:Tune toolkit applied. This allows our team to evaluate building operation over varying seasons, as well as catch more issues, and energy saving opportunities. 

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The Group14 commissioning team performed a top-notch inspection and verifications program for a very complex mechanical and electrical system. Their keen eye and engineering knowledge for third party commissioning was remarkable.

Bryan Young, Facility Engineering Manager University of Colorado Bioscience 2

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