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ReNew Our Schools – Group14’s Green Apple Day of Service

Group14 Engineering is volunteering as a mentor to the ReNew Our Schools program created by the Center for ReSource Conservation. The program engages students with energy conservation practices through a month long competition with other schools within their district. Group14 was assigned Eiber Elementary of JeffCo School District. We are hosting a kickoff event on October 14th at the school to introduce students to the competition and educate them on how they can save energy both in their school and at home. The program empowers students to become leaders in their school and their communities by forming an environmental club, collecting energy pledges, participating in an art poster competition, and changing behaviors to save energy.

Energy savings will be measured by eGauges installed in the building allowing each school to monitor their real time energy use. Points earned through several categories will be totaled to determine the winner between Eiber and five other Elementary schools. The top performing school within each cohort will win up to $25,000 for energy efficiency upgrades for their building. Group14 decided to participate in this event again this year in an annual effort to help schools as part of Green Apple Day of Service through the United States Green Building Council. This year our ‘day of service’ will span a month as we help Eiber realize their energy efficiency goals while inspiring future generations to conserve.

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