1325 East 16th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

The Mental Health Center of Denver’s Dahlia campus offers a wide range of services including pediatric dentistry, early childhood mental health, horticultural therapy, nutrition classes, outpatient medical care, and deaf and hard of hearing assistance.

As a family-focused health center, a connection to the outdoors was a central part of the design with the building featuring a garden, urban farm, and outdoor play spaces

Group14 provided LEED services, energy modeling and fundamental & enhanced commissioning for the health center.

The building pursued and achieved LEED Gold Certification through measures like on-site local food production, the use of low emitting materials, natural stormwater infrastructure, bicycle storage, and preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles.


A high-efficiency HVAC system, efficient envelope system, LED lighting, and photovoltaics were installed to lower energy use. Following these energy conservation measures, MHCD was able to achieve a 30% reduction in energy cost savings and an EUI of 47.8 kBTU/SF.

The LEED Gold project also demonstrated a 40% reduction in water cost savings.



  • LEED Consulting
  • LEED Documentation
  • Energy Modeling
  • Fundamental Commissioning (Cx)
  • Enhanced Commissioning (Cx)


  • City – Denver, CO
  • Project Size – 42,225 SF
  • LEED Gold

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